How do I turn off the list of files that people see when they visit my website?

If you or your visitors are seeing a list of files and folders when they visit your site, this is because either

You do not have a default file such as index.html in that folder
You have not turned folder indexes off.
If you have not created a default display file, then, by default, the web server will display a list of files and folders in the current directory. Some people would prefer to turn this off. You can do this by either careting a default display file (such as index.html or index.php) or by manually turning off indexes in the control panel. You can do this by performing the following:

Log into your control panel at
Click on the Index Manager link under the Site Management heading.
Click on the folder name for the directory whose setting you wish to change (choose '/' for the main directory)
Select No Indexes to turn indexing off.
Click on the Save button.
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